To my friends, going through divorce. Yes, both of you. I've wanted to write this for a while now. I haven't because, well it's all just so very awkward isn't it.


Now isn't that a little room of awkwardness. I tend to leave medical treatment until I can't walk.

That F Word, Though….

Do you know what I hate? The word 'fat'. Do you know what else I hate? When one human drags another down. I also hate the word hate which shows just how very deeply I feel about these things.

Little Shop

You see those free little ‘marbels’? They’re mine, the ones I’ve completely lost. 3 weeks of holiday, not one wee without a kid busting in on me to tell me

The Truth about Tummy

My sister recently asked if I'm drunk when I write

I’m really not good at Posh

Do you know what I’m really bad at? (Aside from clingwrap). I’m really bad at Posh. Like really bad. We went to the Durban July on Saturday. Not just the

The Ultra-Runner 101

It's time. It's time I put the realities of living with an ultra runner to the universe.

The Dolphin

So we chilling on our bed last night, hubby massaging his quads with this annoying dolphin thing.

Enough Shoes?

People ask me if I follow him as his trusty second. He's actually too fast. And I'm actually not trusty.